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Apr. 22nd, 2016 02:27 am
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10 **********: 4 bedroom/4 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, other extra rooms, multiple stories.

Residents: Alleyana Lavellan, Dorian Pavus


They only have the basement (with most of its rooms removed), the main floor, and the second floor. If more Dragon Age people show up and move in and they decide to expand, the third floor may eventually happen while it goes from 10 star house to 20 star mansion or whatever. /SHRUG

Dorian has the master bedroom because Alley doesn't care and also doesn't hoard outfits like a certain fancy-pants peacock does.

Alley's taken the bottom left bedroom/bathroom combo.

The back yard has a bunch of Thedosian herbs growing in it, and an undead unicorn doing undead unicorn things.

Location: Genessia City
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When: Pre-RP game, back on Alley's world.
Warnings: Torture... for medical purposes.
Who: Cole, Alleyana, (NPC) The Iron Bull, (NPC) Varric Tethras

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Sample RP

Apr. 22nd, 2016 03:08 am
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Sample RP with the help of my pal [personal profile] badly_behaved_priest, stepping in as Telsen. Log form because we didn't bother making Telsen a DW account and just did this in trillian.

''...I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you don't know what this symbol is.'' )
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You've got to be kidding me.


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Player Information:
Name: Aroihkin
Age/18+?: Over 18
Contact: DW PM
Other Characters Played: Amberdrake k'Leshya
Most Recent AC Link: I haven't done one yet, so here's all of Drake's activity thus far. :)

Character Information:
Name: Alleyana Lavellan
Canon: Dragon Age
Canon Point: Post-Trespasser
Age: 50

Type of Character: Canon (customization-heavy protagonist)
Reference: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Age_Wiki

Setting Concepts:

Dragon Age is a High Fantasy game setting taking place in the world of Thedas. (AKA "THE Dragon Age Setting"). Inquisition in specific is the third and most recent installment, and follows the Herald (and eventually Inquisitor) as its protagonist.

The world exists in two separate but interlinked states; the 'real' world, and the Fade. These are separated by the Veil. The 'real' world is what you would expect; elves and dwarves, humans, dragons, horses, wolves... all the usual suspects. The Fade contains spirits comprised mostly of emotions and concepts taken from the 'real' world, such as Compassion, Valor, Justice, and Love.

When one of these spirits gets corrupted, it turns into a demon; Rage, Fear, Pride, etcetera. These seek to claw their way through the Veil into the 'real world'.

At the start of Inquisition, the Veil is torn open and both demons and spirits are drawn through it -- and those spirits are corrupted almost immediately by the real world. It's the Inquisitor's job to seal it off, and to find out how it was ripped, and why.

This is of course a gross oversimplification, but we'd be here all week if I went into major massive detail. Here's some important things that Alleyana is, has, or had.

* Dalish Elf: Alleyana is one of 'the People'; elves who have turned their back on human culture and customs (and slums) in favor of trying to regain what was once lost. In Thedas, the elves are a race that has been enslaved and conquered and subjugated so much that it's hard to find what there was before. This is the mission of the Dalish.

* Herald of Andraste: Everyone assumed Andraste herself (religious icon, on par with a female Jesus) passed the Inquisitor out of the Fade safely. Alleyana is Dalish, who don't believe in that particular religion, so Alley was always pretty dubious. Still, no matter how many people she told she wasn't Antraste's anything, this title stuck, and the faithful flocked to her whether she liked it or not.


* Champion: Alleyana's specialization; essentially the tankiest tank to ever tank.

* The Anchor: What used to be eating Alley's left hand, and what allowed her to close the Fade Rifts. This was the original mission of (her) Inquisition.

Some important people: wiki link.


Note: Alleyana has a soundtrack! List form and youtube playlist form.

I've been known to describe Alley as "Batman with more decapitation". She's the type to drink straight out of the coffee pot while daring someone to say something. If her world had cigarettes, she'd probably put them out on people who annoy her.

She's always preferred to pummel her enemies into the dirt with blunt weapons, especially her shield; she's a force of nature, and a magnet for Rage Demons. If something smacks her across the face, she'll hit them back twice as hard.

She is a Champion; the quintessential tank. This is her personality type, too; she embodies her own huge, dented shield. You will not touch her people while she's around! And the Inquisition are her people just as surely as Clan Lavellan is, if not more-so. They look only to her, while the Clan has the Keeper to take care of them.

Even after formally disbanding the Inquisition -- and throwing the book on the ground as she told everyone what she thought of them -- Alleyana considers herself the Inquisitor. And everyone who once served under her is, to her mind, The Inquisition. It doesn't matter that they're off the books, now.

Her current mission is to stop her vhenan (heart), Solas, from destroying the world. Think she's daunted? To hell with that. Think losing one arm in Trespasser is going to slow her down? To hell with that! If she can't save Solas and the world, she'll kill him. But she's going to try her damndest to save both.

And when Inquisitor Alleyana Lavellan tries her damndest, she tends to get results.

Under that hard candy shell, Alleyana is something of a wreck of guilt and self-loathing. She's failed people; she's had to kill people; she takes these things straight to the heart. Alley loves to fight, but she hates to kill, and even the red templars pulled a pang of sympathy out of her.

Not that it showed, as she beat them away from her companions. Not that it slowed her down. Alleyana is nothing if not determined and stalwart. She will not back down, she will not back away. She'll spit her own blood into your eye and continue the fight!

She befriended all of the inner circle, from Bull to Blackwall, Sera to Vivienne. Alley fell for Solas, but her next closest friend in the group was definitely Cole, the spirit of Compassion who she helped to become more human. After Cole came Varric, and Dorian. But she was close to the whole group, and considered them to be her new Clan after being apart from Lavellan for so long.

Which only made it all the more heart-wrenching when she caught up with Solas in Trespasser, and he positioned himself as her opponent. Is it any wonder she took no more shit from the Fereldans and the Orlesians once she came back across the veil, missing one arm?

Indeed, Alley. In-fuckin'-deed. (My footage; actual Alleyana.)


Brace for spam! Did you know I'm an artist? Because I am.

These were all drawn before Trespasser, I'll note the differences at the bottom.

The vallaslin -- face tattoo -- shown on two of the pictures (the tarot card and the dancing picture) is gone. So is her left arm from a few inches under the elbow down.

In her arm's place is a dragonbone metal rod, flat, with two holes drilled into it. This is attached directly to her own bone, making it as sturdy as the limb it replaces. There is no prosthetic hand, or attempt to make her arm look natural; the dragonhide leather of her sleeve just cinches shut around the base of the bar. This bar is my headcanon for what she does after the end of Trespasser, but considering the Inquisitor can canonotically end up with a crossbow for a replacement arm, I don't see this sturdy bar as an issue. I just haven't drawn her with it yet because lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am good artist.


Alleyana played and won The Game, showing an excellent aptitude for politics -- when she can be bothered. If she was a D&D character I would roll dice to see if she cares... the rest of the time she just drinks her tea and stares at people until they go away, unless they're part of her inner circle.

She unlocked magical, political, historical, and underworld knowledge through the war table.

Alley's combat abilities are unaffected by her disability, minus no longer having any Rift abilities from the Anchor (gone, with her left arm). I included them, crossed out, in case they're ever relevant again. For shield skills, she has to have had the chance to bolt on her shield, but she's formidable even without it and could probably pull off the same abilities (with less effect) with just the dragonbone bar that stands in for her arm.

This was the build I played her with on Nightmare setting, from start to finish, multiple times. I was soloing dragons. I wouldn't say these are exactly how things would play out on this game, but it gives an idea of her combat abilities. She has other abilities unlocked, but this was the final build she had on when she faced Solas at the end of Trespasser.

----Active, equipped abilities:

Charging Bull -- You slam into enemies, increasing your guard and knocking them down as you break through their lines.
xxxxxGore and Trample -- After you finish your charge, your next ability costs no stamina.
xxxxxLight on Your Feet -- Charging Bull is faster and gives you more control.

Grappling Chain -- With a hooked chain and a lot of muscle, you drag your target into arm's reach.
xxxxxGive Them the Boot -- After Grappling Chain drags an opponent to you, you stun them with a hard kick.
xxxxxChains for Days -- Grappling Chain now pulls in all enemies near your target.

Payback Strike -- You recover from any disabled condition and lash out with a great blow against nearby enemies. If you've recently taken damage, you hit that much harder and stagger your foes.
xxxxxSweet Revenge -- You do more damage with Payback Strike, and if you've recently taken damage, you also stun taunted enemies.
xxxxxCruel Revenge -- Payback Strike now taunts enemies.

War Cry -- You taunt all nearby enemies with a shouted challenge, gaining extra guard for each enemy affected.
xxxxxCall to Arms -- You draw strength from your War Cry, improving your armor for the coming fight.
xxxxxBattle Roar -- War Cry echoes across the battlefield, catching more enemies and taunting them for longer.

Walking Fortress -- You may not be able to hold them off forever, but right now, nothing can touch you. You have complete immunity for a short time.
xxxxxSiege-Breaker -- Every attack that strikes you reduces your cooldown time and increases your guard.
xxxxxFocused Defense -- All of the damage you take while Walking Fortress is active is converted into focus.

Shield Bash -- Many foes think a shield is just for defense. You correct that mistake with a brutal slam that does bonus damage to an enemy's guard.
xxxxxRing the Bell -- You now lunge forward with Shield Bash, and you do even greater damage to an enemy's guard.
xxxxxCrippling Smash -- An enemy struck by Shield Bash now does no damage with its next attack.

Mark of the Rift -- You have gained Mark of the Rift, a focus based ability. Mark of the Rift causes massive damage and can even kill some enemies instantly.

Aegis of the Rift -- You turn the Veil itself into a magical shield that deflects enemy projectiles.
xxxxxRetributive Strike -- Aegis of the Rift now sends bolts of spirit energy flying back at the attackers.
xxxxxSwift Aegis -- Your expertise at manipulating the Veil lets you summon Aegis of the Rift more easily

Anchor Discharge -- The Anchor now steadily accumulates energy, building focus. By using its power carefully, you can slip your entire party briefly between the Fade and the normal world. This discharges the accumulated energy, makes you and nearby allies immune to damage for a short time, and reveals hidden objects in dark areas.
xxxxxAnchor Blast -- Discharging the Anchor now deals damage to nearby enemies.
xxxxxAnchor Meltdown -- The Anchor now builds up power even faster. Using it is difficult, but discharges all accumulated focus. If the focus reaches full power, the Anchor discharges uncontrollably, damaging you and your allies as well as nearby enemies.

----Passive abilities:

Shield-Breaker -- Your critical hits crack armor and rend shields, sundering your enemy's armor for a short time.

Clear a Path -- Hitting multiple targets with a single swing of your weapon restores your stamina for each extra target.

Hamstring -- When you attack a target from behind, you leave them slowed.

Trust the Steel -- You know how to make the most of your equipment, gaining a bonus to armor when you have active guard.

Cutting Words -- Your party does more damage to taunted targets as you rattle your enemies' nerves and goad them into mistakes that leave them open.

It'll Cost You -- Any foe that attacks you in melee is going to bleed for it, taking a portion of the damage they inflict.

Untouchable Defense -- They can't kill what they can't hit. You get a bonus to your maximum guard.

Resilience -- You don't flinch, don't blink, and don't back down. Enemies that hit you with melee attacks are staggered by recoil.

Bulwark -- You stand all the stronger to finish the fight, gaining a bonus to your maximum guard.

Adamant -- You've trained hard, and you know how to make the most of whatever armor you're wearing.

Unyielding -- An attack the would bring you down instead leave you with a small amount of health, and you are immune to all damage for a short time.

Focused Teamwork -- Successfully performing an ability combo earns additional focus for the party.

Warrior's Resolve -- You fight all the harder when you're hurting, gaining Stamina when you lose health.

Turn the Bolt -- Your expertise with the shield protects you from ranged attacks from the front.

Bear Mauls the Wolves -- Using techniques perfected by Orlesian chevaliers, you can't be flanked by enemies, and you're less likely to be staggered when hit from the front.

Turn the Blade -- Any blow you can see, you can turn aside. All damage coming from the front is reduced.


T5 dragonbone armor, mace, and shield. The shield has been modified so that the grip is actually two big bolts with accompanying wingnuts. The bolts match the holes in the metal bar that stands in for Alley's left forearm. It may take her longer to get her shield game on, but it's still very much a thing. She also carries an assortment of Healing Potions, Regeneration Potions, and Rock Armor Tonics (armor booster).

Also, Solas' pendant (image) because Weekes (his writer) said he liked the idea of Solas giving it to the Inquisitor at the end of Trespasser; he just hadn't thought of it at the time. So, it happened. It has no magical value that we know of.

Soul Gem:

Hematite crystal, centered on a brown leather choker around her throat, the leather stamped with wolves fleeing from the stone. Because GDI Solas.

Writing Samples:
Third Person:

RP sample: ( “Hey,” came Alleyana's voice, from up in the dark silhouette against the bright sky. “You one of those possessed trees, or something?” )


[video; the camera cuts on to Alleyana staring at everyone dead center]

[and she continues to stare]

[and stare]

This is bullshit.


If any of my people are here, come find me. If anyone from my world is here who wasn't one of my people, come find me. Especially if you've got a problem with me.

[Alley tilts her head to one side, her scarred upper lip curling in a half-sneer, half-smirk; it's all challenge]

I could use a fight.

[the feed cuts out]


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